May, 07, 2018

Color Crush – Hemlock

You’ll be seeing it everywhere this spring and summer. Hemlock Green, a new pale with a changeable personality, is a tone that will fire your imagination as much as it calms your spirit. We’re crushing on this color right now because of its almost limitless possibilities.

We can’t get enough of it! It’s demure, but commanding at the same time, understated but slightly sassy, neutral but with a presence that demands attention. No wonder Hemlock Green has been embraced by trend-setting fashion gurus and interior designers alike.

Perfect for Romance

Romantic Hemlock Green Table
Romantic Hemlock Green Table Details
Gerber Scarpelli | A Perfect Event | Debi Lilly | The Festive Frog | Toni Patisserie | Blue Plate | DL Loft

Imagine Hemlock Green as the background for a delicious array of garden-fresh pinks and peach! Surrounded by florals, it speaks of childlike innocence and feminine flair. For a bridal luncheon, a garden soiree, or an elegant tea party, this is a fresh and vibrant background hue.

Naturally Adaptable

Natural Hemlock Green Floral Table
Angelina Rose Photography | Urban Soirée | Nectar Floral | Boston Rustic | Kadeema | Roseville Designs 

We also endorse Hemlock Green as a backdrop for natural woods and dusky forest colors. Need a unique hue to underscore a sophisticated adult theme? With some of the appeal of aqua, it’s a versatile new option that never appears washed out. It has natural appeal, but it’s still fresh and light.


Uniquely Neutral

Hemlock Green Inspired Interior Design Oh Happy Day
SF Girl by Bay | Oh Happy Day | Fresh Design Pedia

This misty green has the fresh aura of early dawn skies, but also embodies the mystery of early dusk or a foggy day at the shore. Used in minimalist interiors, Hemlock Green adds punch while still showing restraint!

A Runway Success

Hemlock Green Fashion Runway Dresses Moschino and Awaveawake
Awaveawake | Moschino

There’s no reason why barely there color can’t make a dramatic statement. Two distinct sides of Hemlock Green personality are expressed perfectly here. Both are edgy; one bears quite a lot, but covers it up with a flowing cape, the other exposes little and leaves a lot to the imagination.

A Green for All Seasons

Hemlock Green Tea Party DetailsHemlock Green Floral Tablesetting
Top: Nicole Jansma Photography | A Perfect Event | Debi Lilly | The Festive Frog | Toni Patisserie | Macy’s
Bottom: Angelina Rose Photography | Urban Soirée | Nectar Floral | Boston Rustic | Kadeema | Roseville Designs 

Because it is neutral and calming, Hemlock Green has the staying power to move from spring into summer, and on through fall. The hue is a natural backdrop for the more saturated gold, green, rose and russet tones of Thanksgiving.


Come Winter

Hemlock Green Tea Party Detail Shots
Hemlock Green Tea Party Table Decor
Nicole Jansma Photography | A Perfect Event | Debi Lilly | The Festive Frog | Toni Patisserie | Macy’s

While we’re crushing on Hemlock Green right now, we think it’s sure to be around for a while! Can you picture it used with winter white and accents of forest green and holly berry? So can all of us at BBJ!

Be sure to share your ideas and your photographs with us as you new find new and imaginative ways to love Hemlock Green!