March, 29, 2024

Celebrating International Women’s Day at BBJ La Tavola

While International Women’s Day was officially celebrated on March 8th, BBJ La Tavola believes in honoring the incredible success of women all year long. As a company where women make up 72% of our workforce, we witness firsthand the invaluable role they play in our success. Their continuous dedication is the backbone of our achievements, and we wouldn’t be the same without them.

Research, like that highlighted by Forbes, reinforces what we witness every day with 53% of our women employees in leadership roles: companies with a higher proportion of women in leadership positions “are more profitable, more socially responsible, and provide safer, higher-quality customer experiences.” Today and every day, we appreciate the women of BBJ La Tavola for their indispensable contributions.

Our Employees

Just one example of a woman leaving a positive impact on our company is evident through our Director of Customer Service, Brandi Zurawski, and her aim to achieve five successes. Each day, Brandi strives to complete objectives set by her leadership, collaborate with everyone, leave clients awestruck, continually work on process improvement, and foster a positive work environment. She added, “I believe these five pillars play a vital role in driving my department and the company forward.” Each of these goals reflects Brandi’s dedication and summarizes the caring and driven mindset that defines our female employees’ contributions to our success.

Not only do our women employees come in and give their best effort on a daily basis to their job, but they also are well-rounded individuals who foster and invest in relationships and aspirations that are important to them outside of work.

As Marketing Intern, Maggie Lynch, and Senior Account Specialist, Brenda Miklasz look back on their time at BBJ La Tavola, they are impressed with their ability to keep up with the demanding environment of their roles as well as make time for the people and accomplishments most important to them. When asked what they were most proud of in their careers, Maggie mentioned the fact that she has “successfully balanced being an intern for two years while still being in school,” while Brenda said she is most proud of “working full time and raising three amazing daughters who all have such high ambitions as they are entering and finishing college.” Maggie added that “BBJ La Tavola has been an amazing supporter of both her professional and academic growth,” and that her experience has taught her “invaluable time management, prioritization, and professionalism.” Maggie and Brenda embody the work-life balance our company strives to provide and showcase how dedication to professional excellence and personal fulfillment can coexist.

Although we are incredibly and equally proud of our employees’ accomplishments outside of work, we also highly value the fact that our employees feel empowered while they are in the workplace. Speaking on a moment in which she felt empowered at BBJ La Tavola, Eve Katz, Vice President of Partnerships, claims that “as a person and a diverse woman, BBJ La Tavola and the community of event professionals radiate equality and empowerment of all. We continually strive to learn how to support one another. I am honored to sit on board meetings with two female VP peers that represent our organization.” Eve perfectly represents the female support that can be found in our work environment, and our females’ commitment to cheering other women on!


Our Customers

Finally, as we celebrate the contributions of all our women employees and our dedicated team, we want to extend acknowledgment to all the women in the event planning industry who continue to be excellent customers of BBJ La Tavola. It’s worth noting that according to an article from PartySlate, “77% of event companies are women-owned.” These women bring trust and partnership through their event companies, which are essential to us. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them in creating memorable events.

At BBJ La Tavola, we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the women in your life for their countless contributions. Their impact is immeasurable, and we recognize that our company thrives because of their determination and talent. As we continue to honor and celebrate the achievements of women every day, we wish you a belated but heartfelt Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s keep celebrating the remarkable women around us!

  • Credit:  Unknown