April, 07, 2016

Bold and Beautiful, Purple and Patterned

The_Look_-_Bold_Beautiful_Purple_Pattern_Event_Decor_1.jpgPhoto Credit: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

This month, we absolutely cannot get enough of this bright shade of pinkish-purple. It pairs so well with other colors and textures, and it looks great at just about any type of event. It can be used as a solid colored table linen, a bold pop of color as a napkin, or, like at this event, in a unique pattern.

This wedding looked truly stunning with the different elements all put together. The white and purple Radiant Miramar table linen set the stage, and paired elegantly with gold flatware and charger plates.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Big, bustling bouquets of flowers lined the tables and also set off the draping near the cake table, which was placed upon a scroll featuring one of the couple’s favorite pieces of writing‚ what a unique idea! We’d never seen anything like the décor they had surrounding their cake. We always love seeing new ideas and ways to make events memorable and personal, and this was a perfect example of that.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Kathryn Photography 

To create a perfect balance of bold color and subtle sophistication, entryway and guestbook tables were dressed in Champagne Corsage table linen, a beautiful soft tan shade that introduced a new texture.


Setting off each place setting were Ice Clear with Gold Rim charger plates, adorned with Silver Alkaline napkins to complete the look.

The_Look_-_Bold_Beautiful_Purple_Pattern_Event_Decor_4.jpgPhoto Credit: Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Lavender menu and place cards sat atop each plate, and the bouquets were bursts of pink, purple, fuchsia, pale green, and white‚ absolutely stunning when paired with the rest of the look.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Kathryn Photography 

We love seeing unique ways to showcase color, texture, and pattern, and this event hit the mark on all three notes, plus showed us interesting ways to incorporate personal details into an event. 

How did you incorporate personal details into your own wedding? Tell us about your ideas in the comments or tag us in your photos on Instagram at @bbjlinen!

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