February, 08, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Sonoma Collection Lookbook Photo Shoot

Our first launch of the year is always an exciting one.  It’s a chance to create new tablescapes to start the year off right. This year’s first collection was an especially exceptional launch because it included a new core line of solid luxury table linen, available in 11 oh-so-fabulous muted hues. With such a noteworthy collection lineing up with the start of a new year, we wanted the lookbook to be just as inspiring.

Natural Planning


The Sonoma fabric is a natural-textured linen that has an impeccably soft look and relaxed feel, and so do the tones that it comes in. Finding inpiration from the natural feel of the fabric, we looked to nature when choosing our tablescape color palette. From moss covered tree bark to marble and agate cuts, and everything in between, we found our muse in Mother Nature. Sonoma_0187.jpgExquisite Designs | Chez Event Space  

Sonoma_0220.jpgExquisite Designs | Chez Event Space  

Tones and TexturesSonomaTablescape1.jpg

Sonoma_0166.jpgExquisite Designs | Chez Event Space

Beautiful texture and stunning hues is what the Sonoma collection was created to personify, so when planning out the tablescape designs for this collection that was an important element we based all of our designs on. Dusty Lavender paired so perfectly with Burnished Lilac, and peachy toned floral touches and rose gold flatware warmed up this palette inspired by amethyst agate.

Sonoma_0125.jpgExquisite Designs | Chez Event Space


Customized Touches


The Sonoma Collection pays tribute not only to the beach and the sea, but to the wine country, calling to mind the colors of grapes, vines, wine casks, nearby creek beds and surrounding forests.  We wanted to create this mood in our Patina and Driftwood tablescape. The soft, sage green was ideal for creating a relaxed and grounded backdrop.  Hints of muted gold, crisp white florals and driftwood taupes are soothing choices that remind us of a tranquil forest stroll. 

Sonoma_0261.jpgExquisite Designs | Chez Event Space

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