April, 22, 2024

BBJ La Tavola’s Sustainability Practices: Green Commitment & Environmental Projects

A core aspect of leaving our customers awestruck lies in our commitment to delivering products through the most sustainable practices available. While delivering high quality rentable linens and reliable customer service remain important, at BBJ La Tavola, we’re equally dedicated to our mission of reducing our carbon footprint. We ultimately strive to extend beyond mere transactions; we’re driven to align our sustainability initiatives with the values of our customers.

Like we mentioned, our sustainability initiatives are not just about meeting targets; they’re about resonating with the customers! According to a study by Simon-Kucher and Partners (2021), “younger consumers are actively seeking ways to be more sustainable.” Additionally, we recognize that purpose is of strong importance to young consumers. To cite a Fortune article, Gen Z and Millennial consumers base “their decision on whether a company shared their values well.” It is of the utmost importance for us to not only express these shared values, but also to put them into action through responsible business practices.

Just one example of our commitment to these responsible business practices is being named as part of the Green Wedding Alliance. As stated on the organization’s website, Chicago’s Green Wedding Alliance “is a collaborative network of environmentally responsible event vendors who strive to grow and inform others of responsible business practices.” We are absolutely honored to be named in this alliance and will continue to uphold the pillars of the organization.

Additionally, in order to achieve our goal of minimizing our carbon footprint, we have implemented several sustainability practices. These include a partnership with UPS, continuously recycling and reusing as well as initiatives for energy and water conservation.

UPS Carbon Neutral

  • One environmental project that has helped us in offsetting our carbon footprint is our partnership with UPS as part of their Carbon Neutral Program. Each shipment we have dispatched via UPS is balanced by supporting certified environmental projects across the globe.

Recycle and Reuse

  • Our recycle and reuse process starts with returning duffel bags. Instead of using plastic bags and contributing to landfills, we utilize reusable duffel bags, which guarantee a few years’ worth of uses.
  • We also purchase partially recycled cardboard boxes in addition to recycling our own cardboard boxes and hangers.
  • Additionally, BBJ La Tavola uses biodegradable plastic bags, which reduce the landfill load, have an 8-month shelf life, and are 100% recyclable.
  • Lastly, all of our wooden skids are reused and then recycled, and all scrap metal is given to a recycling plant for conversion into another product.

Energy and Water Conservation

  • To conserve energy, we use heat exchangers, press shut-down, and use thermostats.
    • Heat exchangers capture energy from hot water as it leaves of washers and warms the incoming cool tap water for the next cycle. The temperature then changes by 40-50 degrees, thereby reducing our use of gas and electricity, as well as reducing the load on the municipal treatment plant.
    • Where as pressing shut-down allows us to stop presses when not in use, so rather then letting our boilers run at all times, we only run them when necessary.
    • When it comes to our thermostats, our HVAC system conserves energy by moderating temperatures on a zone-based occupancy plan and maintaining seasonally appropriate temperatures when vacant.
  • On the other hand, we conserve water through a brine-reuse system and a PH control system.
    • Our brine-reuse system allows us to conserve both water and salt for all laundry.
    • The PH control system that has strict control over the PH level that is discharged into the sewer system minimizing any potential damage to the municipal system and reduces the energy required at the municipal treatment plant.

All in all, at BBJ La Tavola, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of our mission to leave our customers awestruck. As we move forward, BBJ La Tavola will remain dedicated to upholding its sustainability initiatives and continuing to innovate accordingly, as well as maintaining high quality rentable linens and reliable customer service. Our partnership with UPS, our recycling and reusing efforts are just the beginning of our journey toward a more sustainable future. Together with our customers and partners, we’re working toward a world where sustainability isn’t just a goal- it’s a way of life.