March, 13, 2011

Basic Table Linen Set Up for House Parties & Special Events

Are you new to setting up table linen? Have you rented before and just need to set up a linen for a party at your home? Do you set up events for hotels, convention centers or universities and want to learn what’s new in the world of setting up events? In this video series, you will learn table linen basics such as how to throw a linen on a table, to how to center a linen and how to find the center of a chair tie. Basic skills that you will need to then go onto tie chair ties, swag or customizer serpentines.

Learn How to Dress up Your Event Tables

Choose any of the following videos to learn the art of creating a perfect tablescape! How to Find the Center of a Chair Tie & Create a Knot How to Lay a Linen Cover on a Banquet Chair for an Event How to Determine the Size of your Wedding Event How to Place a Decorative Linen Overlay Over an Event Table How to Throw & Center Linen Tablecloths or Overlays on Tables BBJ Linen has all the rental table linen products you need to create stylish tablescape, including table cloths, table runners, overlays and napkins, as well as table accessories, such as charger plates and napkin rings. Want to see how you can use our products to give your tables gorgeous style? Check out our blog, Facebook and Instagram for tablescape inspiration. Have fun, and enjoy the wonderful world of table linens! All the best, Your BBJ Linen Design Team