February, 14, 2017

Atelier Creates Haute Couture


Atelier is the French word for a workshop or studio used by an artist or designer. The Atelier branch of BBJ Linen is exactly that – our designers workshop to create your visions. At her finger tips our Atlier designer has an immense catalogue of fabrics with which to bring your ideas to life. From translucent shimmering sheers to rich heavy brocades in colors from all over the spectrum, your imagination is the limit to our workshop’s creations.

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Sometimes items off the rack just won’t reach the design heights needed for a special event, and with our customer’s needs in mind, we have created a studio just for you. We specialize in creating beauty – we’ve had dip dyed sheer chiffon, and custom painted napkins for a gold splatter effect. We’ve scoured the globe for the perfect fabrics to complete the dreams our customers bring to us.


We can fully customize your dining tables with custom printed menu cards on the napkins themselves, a great memento for years to come. If you want a more traditional look we can monogram any napkin in any color for a very polished personalized look.


Create a wardrobe of table covering styles, from to-the-floor cloths to runners to individual place mats and coordinating napkins. Mix and match fabric any way you please to add sizzle and style to any setting.

Let It Shimmer and Shine


We love the drama that sequins and metallic accents bring to textile design. Use the sparkle sparingly to fashion a bridal clutch or a darling ring pillow. Top a serving table with a chic black sequin cap. Wrap shimmering golden tie over a serene white dining chair jacket. 


We also have a playful, whimsical side, and we are totally attuned to emerging trends. At Atelier, we know that haute couture is not limited to the classic, although we adore combining classic linen in bright, new ways. If your definition of chic is totally your own, we’ll work with you to give it a voice.


Bring it Home


We’ve often heard our customers tell us they want our fabrics in other areas of their life – not just special events. Why should your designing stop? Our Atlier designer has created custom pillows, tote bags, evening clutches, aprons, curtains, the list goes on.


We give expression to any vision. We are your partner in creating and designing a one of a kind look, and at Atelier, we know that haute couture has no limits. Whether you need custom linen sizes, or custom colors and patterns, a houseful of ideas or simply a roomful of wedding favors, simply share your vision and we’ll put on our creative caps!

At Atelier, that’s what we do best: let beautiful textiles color your life. 


See the fabrics used to create these custom looks below: