April, 25, 2015

A Wedding at the Museum: Making it Special

If you’re a bride or event planner and you’re interested in planning a wedding that is truly unique, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the venue you choose. Having a wedding at the museum is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons‚ they transform a busy place into one that is intimate and personal, they lend a one-of-a-kind background for your event, and they offer accommodations for a large number of people if you need it. That said, there can be some challenges when decorating and planning a museum wedding. Read on to find out what some of the common challenges are and how to overcome them.

Adding Personal Touches to the SpaceInstitutional-2

One of the most common challenges with hosting an event such as a wedding at a museum is that a museum is set up for public use, and therefore, may feel less intimate and personal than couples may prefer. With neutral-colored walls and sharp lines of the fixtures in most museums, it can be challenging to dress up the space to look like a romantic, unique wedding.


There are ways to warm up the space, though‚ use warm and neutral tones to create a more romantic atmosphere, or used unexpected color combinations (turquoise and tan, lime green and gray, etc.). The different, rich colors can help create the atmosphere you’re looking for and make the space feel more like your own design.

Using Creative Light Sources


Similar to the neutral colors and sharp lines, the lighting at a museum may not be what you had in mind for your wedding‚ it may be too bright for a formal event such as this. It’s understandable that museum lighting is installed with the goal of making exhibits look their best, but that same lighting can make dresses and skin-tones look a bit washed out. Not to worry, however, as this is another easy fix. Using amber lights or other colored lights to create a softer look for your ceremony may be all it takes.

Designing Layouts that Incorporate the Museum’s Existing Infrastructure


Museums are, of course, designed to showcase the exhibits and artifacts, and hosting events in them is a great bonus that many offer. That being said, you may have to design unique layouts for your event that work with the various fixtures, furniture, walls, and more that are already built up in the venue. Working with multiple entryways, hallways, pillars, or other obstacles that create the museum’s architecture just means that you and your planners will have to be creative when planning where to put tables, chairs, the aisle, etc


As for creative floor plans for your tables, consider using long rectangular tables instead of small round tables, for instance, or arranging the tables in a horseshoe shape around fixtures instead of scattering them around the room as you normally would. This all just adds to the uniqueness, however‚ it’ll be a wedding none of your guests will soon forget.



Have you ever planned an event at a museum? Let us know what you’d do differently next time!