October, 13, 2016

A Stunning Fall Tablescape: Gemstone & Gold

01_Fall_Tablescape.pngA Stem Above | Robyn Rachel Photography

For a fresh take on a fall-inspired tablescape, pair rich gemstone table linen with gold accents for a stunning autumn look.

See just how gemstone colors add magic and luxury to your event design.

02_Deep_Rich_Gemstone.pngA Stem Above | Robyn Rachel Photography 

The deep, rich hue of Aubergine Shantung table linen, matched with the shimmer of gold leaf-inspired chargers and overflowing floral designs makes this a standout fall event setting.

This spectacular fall wedding table signals the beauty and drama of the season by pairing gemstone-hued luxury table linen, the rich abundance of gold table accents, and the tumble of cascading floral designs. The added detail of draped linen napkins in the subtle, delicate pink Cameo Shantung bring the blush of romance to the overall design.


03_Standout_Fall_Event.pngA Stem Above | Robyn Rachel Photography

A closer look at this inspired, elegant fall table design reveals the harmonious juxtaposition created by color, texture, and shine. Dazzle every guest attending with the deep, rich tones of gemstone luxury table linen, lavishly accented with the gleam of gold from delicate chargers, and table settings.  

04_Autumn_Special_Event.pngA Stem Above | Robyn Rachel Photography

Brilliance, depth, and harmony are created with stunning Aubergine table linen, contrasting with a luxuriant floral design, artfully echoed in the table settings. Gold accents paired with the deep purple hue of the luxury linen speak to the abundance of the season – a gorgeous table design for any autumn special event. 

Bring Out The Magic of Fall with Gemstone Hued Linens

05_Gemstone_Hued_Linens.pngA Stem Above | Robyn Rachel Photography

Take a fresh approach to designing this fall. Rather than turning to traditional earth tones, create a spectacular tablescape with the deep richness of gemstone table linen, with layer upon layer of textural contrast, color, and the gleam of gold to echo the glorious abundance of the season.

06_Fall_Table_Design.pngA Stem Above | Robyn Rachel Photography

Whether a wedding or other special occasion, make an unforgettable impression with a fresh approach to a fall table design.