August, 19, 2015

6 Extravagant Wedding Trends

Extravagant Wedding Trends

If you’re pulling out all the stops for your wedding, you’re likely not googling many ideas about DIY or budget-related events. Hosting a wedding with things that stand out, for an unforgettable time, is important to a lot of people‚ and why shouldn’t it be? By all accounts, your wedding is one of the most important days of your lives! From unique table arrangements to exciting floral décor and so much more, check out these six extravagant wedding trends.

1) A Draped Ceiling

Hanging luxurious fabrics and drapes from the ceiling to create a draped look is becoming more and more popular. It’s interesting, not overdone, and creates a cozy, intimate feeling at your wedding.

Decorate your archway at the entrance

2) Bold Floral Centerpieces

While some weddings feature small centerpieces at each table, extravagance is about being, well, extravagant, so go big with tall, wide centerpieces crafted with clusters of flowers in the same color. This provides a look that is definitely eye-catching.


Floral Centerpieces

3) Open-Topped Tents

Outdoor weddings can feel a little campy if there’s nothing done about structure. Open-topped tents create the feel of a room, but because the draped fabric on them leaves a lot of open space for natural light to shine through, they feel elegant and classy.

Open-Topped Tents for Outdoor Weddings

4) Hanging Centerpieces

Hanging centerpieces, instead of ones placed on the tables themselves, are unique and unexpected. They give focus to the room, but in a way that’s different than typical centerpieces do. They take a bit more coordinating and designing, but they’re absolutely stunning.

Direct attention with hanging centerpieces


5) Dual-Staircase Reception Halls

Of course, the dual-staircase reception hall will always bring to mind a feeling of luxury and opulence. Here, guests can stream in as though they are making a grand entrance to a ball‚Äö√Ñ√¨are they not?‚ and you can feel like the royalty of the evening, as you rightly are.

6) A Rose-Covered Arches and Hanging Pieces

Finally, creating an archway at the entrance to your event that’s covered in roses can make guests feel like they’re stepping into a secret garden-esque event where no expense has been spared. Even if that’s not quite the case, there’s no denying that a bloom-covered entryway doesn’t make the event feel special. Adding roses into your floral scheme adds instant luxury to your event.

What were some extravagant details at your wedding?

Dual-Staircase Reception Halls