August, 19, 2015

5 Types of Unique Wedding Venues


While some couples are perfectly content tying the knot at somewhere like a country club or the church their family has gone to all of their lives, other couples are a bit more eclectic and demand something more personal, more unique. For those couples, we’ve compiled a list of five different types of unique wedding venues to consider.

1) A Museum, Aquarium, Art Gallery or Historic Building


This is the perfect way to showcase your passions as a couple. If you’re art enthusiasts, choosing an art gallery when you know there’ll be a show you enjoy is perfect. Or, host the wedding at your favorite museum, aquarium, or historical building. Certain buildings like these have dedicated areas that can be transformed to be wedding-ready in no time, so it’s worth looking into if these venues suit you as a couple.


2) A Waterpark

For the ultimate in fun, plan your summertime wedding at a waterpark. Tell your guests to bring their swimsuits, suntan lotion, and favorite beach towels, then spend the day splashing around! This idea isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure, but for those few couples who want to get away from the expected, it’s perfect.


3) Something Completely Extreme

You’ve heard of couples getting hitched at the top of a mountain or while scuba diving, right? No? Well, maybe now’s your chance to make history (at least to the people who know you). Your wedding will truly be one of a kind, something that no one will soon forget. 

4) An Outdoor Landmark

Choose an outdoor landmark, such as Chicago’s Millennium Park, for a beautiful backdrop for your nuptials. Cross your fingers for great weather, and enjoy your big day at what is surely to make for some great photo ops. Choose somewhere that perhaps means something to you as a couple‚ say, a special date spot, or somewhere you’ve always gone together.

5) A Bowling Alley

In a similar vein to the water park idea, this idea packs fun into your wedding and reception without the need to bring pool floaties with you. These days, modern bowling alleys are prepared to host gorgeous weddings and often have banquet rooms that can be decorated in such a way that you’d never suspect you were having your wedding at a bowling alley. If you’re a fun-loving couple with a spirit for the unexpected, this is a great option to consider.

Where did you host your wedding? Tell us about your unique venue!