August, 19, 2015

5 Tips for Determining Your Wedding Colors


When you’re trying to choose wedding colors that will not only look great at your event but also reflect you and your partner’s taste, drawing inspiration from a number of different places can help. Here are our top five ways for you to pick colors.


1) Noticing Certain Combinations in Nature

When you’re outside, are there certain flowers that continually catch your eye? What about certain birds, or the way that the sun reflects off of the lake by your home? Taking inspiration from the world around you is a great way to choose colors you’ll love for a wedding. Shades of bright greens paired with floral colors can be a good starting point.


2) Choosing Certain Shades that Reflect Something Significant in Your Relationship

Did you meet in college? Consider using your school colors for a wedding theme, or at least one of them (since most school colors are garishly-clashing hues). 

Do you both share a love for a certain band? Check out your favorite album cover and see if you can find anything there. 

Choose something significant from your time together as a couple and see if there are any corresponding colors that you can use as wedding décor.


3) Scouring Inspiration Boards Online


Many brides and grooms turn to websites like Pinterest to find inspiration for their weddings, and for good reason‚ hundreds, even thousands of weddings are posted online for the world to see. You’re bound to find something that strikes your fancy‚ now, make it your own.


4) Your (or Your Partner’s) Favorite Colors

Of course, it’s also easy to just use your favorite colors. Plenty of people do this, for obvious reasons‚ you like your favorite colors the most, so why not use them for one of the most important days in your life as a couple?


5) Drawing Inspiration from Your Venue’s Existing Décor and Design


Finally, if you’re completely at a loss, one way to get unstuck is by considering the décor or scenery at the venue you’re hosting your wedding at. Are you having an outdoor wedding? Choose natural shades to complement the trees and other foliage. Having your wedding in an art gallery or museum? Choose contemporary or bright shades to provide some contrast. By drawing from the décor that’s already there, you can start planning the type of wedding colors you will want there.

What were your wedding colors, and how did you choose them?