August, 19, 2015

5 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning


When you’re planning your wedding, you’re probably expecting certain snags, like different vendors not being available on your date, your dream dress not looking like you thought it would, or not getting a single no RSVP. As a bride, there are five things that no one tells you about wedding planning that, if you’re just starting out, you need to know.

1) Everyone’s idea of classic or modern is subjective.

You’ll probably use buzzwords to describe the type of look you want for your wedding–it helps people get on the same page. Unfortunately, you’ll find that someone thinks sequins and seafoam green are classic, while lace and pale pink are modern. Have explicit details mapped out for what you truly want so that everyone knows what you want.


2) You’ll probably cry over something that, big picture, is fairly trivial.

Whether it’s a specialty cocktail, the color of the envelopes your invitations are being sent in, or the spacing of the buttons on your dress, you’ll probably cry about something that, in the end, won’t really matter too much. Keep in mind that even though planning is overwhelming, at the end of the wedding, you’ll be married to the love of your life. Additionally, let yourself have a break from the planning process, at least for a few days.

3) A relatively significant (and unexpected) expense will pop up.

There’s always some sort of catastrophe that takes place during wedding planning, it seems. If you need a last minute dress because something happened to yours, or if you end up with a guest list longer than you intended, you’ll want to have a little wiggle room in your budget for unexpected costs. Build in a buffer of about 5 percent of what your total cost will be for the wedding, so that when something hits a snag, you’re not stressed out.

4) Your spouse-to-be will care about something you didn’t think they would.

Some brides go into planning thinking there’s no way their fiancé will care about things like the flower arrangement in the centerpiece or what color the chair backs are, but find out that things they had thought would be easy are made more complicated by their fiancé. It’s absolutely essential when wedding planning to remember that it’s both of your weddings, not just yours. Let your fiancé have some say in the tablecloth color!


5) Everyone‚ and we mean EVERYONE‚ has an opinion.

You’ll likely have people at every angle telling you what you should do for your wedding. Some of these people will even be disappointed if you don’t choose their suggestion. If it gets to be too much, remind these unwanted-opinion-givers that they had or will have their own wedding, and that you’d prefer to do things as you had planned.

What were some surprises you had when planning your wedding?