August, 19, 2015

5 Questions Caterers Should Be Prepared to Answer


As a caterer, you’re probably used to being asked what types of food you serve for events, but there are always going to be some customers who ask questions that may throw you off. Keep the answers to these five questions well-prepared, so that you’re not caught off-guard.

1) Where do you get your ingredients?

Many event planners these days are placing increased importance on locally or somewhat-locally sourced ingredients, so it’s ideal for you to know where you get your products.  If locally-sourced isn’t your thing, that’s okay, but your customers deserve to know exactly what they are getting when they hire you.


2) What are your staff’s (culinary or otherwise) qualifications?

It’s important to be able to express how talented your cooks, servers, and other employees are to people who are considering hiring your business. You want to be able to have confidence in your staff’s abilities to deliver a great service.


3) Have you done an event like mine before?

Be prepared with things to show potential customers, such as:

This will help illustrate that you have experience from events similar to the one your client is planning. This shows them you have the proper experience necessary to pull off any type of job. From formal weddings to casual get-togethers that have catered meals or buffets, you’ll want to be able to show a range of different styles and types of foods.


4) What do you do regarding any special diet or allergy requirements?

Many clients will have questions about specific diets, as well as how safe they can expect your kitchens to be with regards to cross-contamination. As allergies are very common and the reactions very dangerous, clients will want to feel completely secure knowing that the food they choose to serve at their event is totally safe.


5) What is included in your pricing?

Different vendors obviously include different things when they provide services, so it’s important to outline everything that is included. For instance, set-up and tear-down, serving, any tips, applicable taxes, and other fees are all common things that the customer will want to know about. Make sure you give potential clients clear and concise outlines for what their payment will cover.

What questions are you commonly asked as a caterer?