January, 31, 2018

5 Event Trends You Can Expect to See in 2018

2018 is here, and with it comes new chances to throw spectacular events. While we start planning and developing new ideas to make each event stand out, it pays to stay current on the exciting trends that lie ahead. It’s always fun to incorporate new and on-trend ideas, to stay fresh. From balloons to knockout palettes, check out what will be in 2018.

Palettes with Bold and Bright Punches

Bold Evergreen TablescapeWAC Weddings & Events | Fena Flowers | New Creations Weddings | Alante Photography | Cort Party RentaI

We all love a good black and white event, but vibrant hues are going to be in full bloom this year. Many event planners will opt for more intense colors over neutrals or pastels, making 2018 a color lover’s dreams come true. 

Bright and Bold Evergreen TablescapeWAC Weddings & Events | Fena Flowers | New Creations Weddings | Alante Photography | Cort Party Rental  

From rich emerald tones to bright sky blues, we’re going to see more and more of these heavenly hues inspiring the events of all kinds. 

Bright Blue Wedding Color Palettecovershoot2017weddingday_096.jpgGEM Photography | Empyrean Events and Catering | Empyrean Designs  

Unique Venues

Camp WeddingCristen & Co | Tops’l Farm | By Move Mountains Co

Where you have your event should be reflective of the statements, values and persona you want the occasion to have. A chic fashion brand might not want to hold an event in the middle of the woods, but an organic backdrop might be the prefect setting for an eco-friendly company. With some abstract thinking, most spaces can be transformed into an enthralling space for guests to experience that reflect what the event is all about.  

Beautiful Outside Event SpaceLight + Luxe Studio

More conventional spaces can be updated with a unique layout. You want to keep the functionality of the event in mind still, but try something new and keep your guests engaged. 


Customized Touches

Event Welcome Gift BasketCristen & Co | Tops’l Farm | By Move Mountains Co

When it comes to events, guests don’t just want a truly unique experience, they now expect one. Elements that are specifically curated for your event will make it all that much more special and extend the experience beyond the day of the event.  

Event Trends Custom Favors Cristen & Co | Tops’l Farm | By Move Mountains Co

Local Inspiration

Adding something unique to the location of your affair can often be a very natural and powerful way to WOW your attendees. Local food is a simple way to do this, think something that you can’t find anywhere else, but it doesn’t have to be the only way. Choosing flowers that are local to the region your in, repeating patterns or styles that are in the space itself or adding local cultural or historical elements to your styling. 

Old Polo Estate Coachella EventOld Polo Estate Coachella Event - Local InspiredCarrie McGuire | Michelle Garibay | Vaso Bella Celebrations | Old Polo Estate | Casa de Perrin | Signature Party Rentals



Balloon Garland Event Ballon ArchDLJulyTrends_005.jpgDebi Lily | A Perfect Event | DL Loft | Gerber + Scarpelli | The Festive Frog | Toni Patisserie | Gold Plated | Blue Plate

Balloons are popping up everywhere and at all types of events. From a balloon drop at the peak of party time, to a fabulous backdrop and photo op area, or even garland laced with mini balloons down the middle of your tablescapes… this trend is totally blowing up!  

Event Trend Balloon DropLight + Luxe Studio

Are there any hot party trends you can’t wait to try this year?