December, 13, 2015

5 Color Combinations for a Memorable Thanksgiving Event

Planning a great Thanksgiving dinner event or party means more than just serving the perfect golden brown turkey. Of course, the menu is one very important part of it‚ perhaps the most crucial part of a Thanksgiving party‚ but it’s not the only thing you’ll want to focus on when creating a memorable event. Check out these five fall color combinations for the perfect event.

5) Copper, Taupe, Orange, Eggplant and Sage

Use copper linen as the tablecloth color, such as our Copper Birch linen, and accent it with shades of taupe and sage green. You can use pumpkins and other gourds as the centerpieces and décor, and set up bunches of dark purple flowers to give a bit of contrasting color.

4) Cream, Chestnut Brown, Royal Blue, and Fire Orange

Start with a creamcolored tablecloth, pair it with a brown charger plate, then top off the place setting with a blue patterned plate. Add a bright contrast by using fiery orange pops in the centerpiece or floral arrangements. If you’re looking for a more natural look, you can use stalks of wheat or wild grasses as the centerpieces.

3) Bright White, Bone, Mint, and Gold

For this elegant look, start with crisp white tablecloths and highlight them with bone-colored table runners. Use bright white dishes, gold flatware and gold napkins. Centerpieces can include mint and sage green foliage with bursts of color (bright orange, fuchsia), and you can also use metallic gold charger plates for additional texture.

2) Traditional Fall: Dark Brown, Forest Green, Orange, and Red

Utilize the colors of changing leaves as inspiration for your event décor. Use forest green tablecloths to mimic leaves before their big transformation. Next you’ll want to include some of the other seasonal hues by adding a dark brown or crimson runner. Finally, layer on orange and red floral arrangements to add some vibrancy. For additional visual interest and something no one will soon forget, set up cornucopias featuring fall’s harvest bounty on each table.

1) Houndstooth, Mustard Yellow, and Bright Green

This combination is a bit off of the beaten path, but it’s one that will set your event apart from the rest. Pair a Houndstooth table linen with off-white napkins and mustard-yellow colored charger plates. Instead of pastel or brightly colored flowers, use simple, all-white bouquets so that the green of the plants will show through and make the whole look pop.


Tell us about some of the most memorable details you can remember about Thanksgiving events you’ve attended!