November, 22, 2016

4 Holiday Looks You’ll Fall in Love With

The holidays are a magical time of year! Friends and family gather together from all over to celebrate and share each others company. This holidays season, show your guests your unique style and design with these four holiday looks.

1. Traditional Holiday Vibes

01_Traditional_Holiday_Style.pngBeautifully Seaside

Using red and green in striking patterns and combinations mixed with warm tones of gold, wood, and candle light are the signatures of this style. Adding the warmth of a fire and party poppers bring an inviting feel to this very classic look.

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2. Thoughts of Sugar Plums

02_Sugar_Plum_Holiday_Style.pngDecoration Ideas

Sugared fruit can be an beautiful centerpiece for a holiday table. The sugar makes us think of morning frost on nature’s bounty, and it adds an ethereal touch to an otherwise every day item. Enhance the muted rich tones of the fruit with jewel tones of dark purple, emerald green, or deep burgundy. Bring back the earthy vibe with touches of wood and brown in the charger. Matching napkins enhance the vivid colors, or for a traditional take use a classic hemstitch napkin.

03_Sugar_Plum_Holiday_Style.pngHGTV | Dy Jo Design

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3. Playful Holiday Color Palette

04_Playful_Hoilday_Style.pngCoco Kelley

Lighten up the mood with an unexpected color palette. Take the traditional tones of green and red and spin it on it’s head with lighter, more pink tones of red and greens ranging from soft mint to teal. Add unique elements in a similar color scheme like the wire trees pictured, or traditional holiday ornaments in bright colors.

05_Whimsical_Wonderland.pngCoco Kelley

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4. Warm and Comforting Hanukkah

06_Warm_Hanukkah.pngMy Domaine | The Lane

Use soft blues, creams and whites for a table that is anything but icy. Warm up the setting with candle light and bright greenery. Touches of gold and brass add to the comforting vibe.

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