April, 17, 2018

35 Event Designers to Watch

At BBJ Linen, we love celebrations. That’s only natural, because for 35 years, we have helped make thousands of celebrations the memorable occasions they should always be. It’s our business, and we love it.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with wonderful people: event planners, florists, designers and consultants who work tirelessly and hone their talents so that every event is unique and memorable.

It is absolutely true that it takes a “village” to plan the perfect celebration: We’re showcasing 35 of our favorite event planning teams and designers, in several different categories. Enjoy our picks:

Rising Stars in Design

MMJ Events

MMJ Events Team
MMJ Event and Wedding Design
Left: Braun Studios | MMJ Events | Posy Florals – Right: Kismet Visuals and Co. | MMJ Events | Miam Cake | High Line Car House

MMJ Events uses color — bright and clear — with a sure hand. Their work always sparkles with originality and is perfectly keyed to the mood of the event. It’s fresh, young, minimalist and exceedingly well done. We love their ability to pull together unusual textures.

Petal Pixie

Petal Pixie Events
Petal Pixie Event Design
Alexis June Photography | Petal Pixie | Signature Party Rental | Present Time Rentals | Elisa Anne Calligraphy

Serving clients in some of the most spectacular natural settings in the country, Petal Pixie is a floral event design studio that captures the grandeur of the surroundings with ease. Owner Kimberly Watt is a master at making bold statements seem effortless. We appreciate the way her floral arrangements complement both the linen and the scenery.

Vivince Event Studio

Vivince Event Studio
Vivince Event Studio
Vivince Event Studio
Pepper Nix Photography | Vivince Event Studio | Marae Event Management | Decoration Inc. | Cactus and Tropicals | Retro Rentals USA | Alliant Events | Sticks and Stones | All Out Event Rental | Atelier Azure | Borrowed Blu | High West Distillery | Blue Sky Ranch

Vivince Event Studio of Park City, Utah, looks to the natural environment to create uniquely refined settings that are luxurious in their simplicity. We think their sometimes quirky minimalism is just too wonderful for words!


Taylor Dawn Design

Taylor Dawn Design
Taylor Dawn Event Photo

Top Left: Anne Shackleford | Taylor Dawn | Whitewood Events – Top Right: Rustic White Photography | Taylor Dawn | Grace’s Garden Floral Design | Sweet Seats Rentals – Bottom Left: Ashlyn Cathey Photography | Taylor Dawn | Gardenia Floral Design | Barron’s Rental

Atlanta’s Taylor Dawn Design is all about focusing on the personal. This event planner knows that whatever the reason for celebrating, it’s a time to capture the essence of what is meaningful and memorable for the celebrants and their loved ones.

All in the Detail Design

All in the Detail Design

Left: Emily Magers Photography| All in the Detail Design | Foxtail Florals – Right: All in the Detail Design | Sundrop Vintage

Edgy and Bold is the only way to describe All in the Detail Design. If you’re after graphic effect and high energy, event settings crafted by this design team will never disappoint. Love Boho style? So do we!

The White Box

The White Box Design
The White Box Book
Chelsea Ashford Photography | The White Box

The White Box offers high style and inspiration to DIYers who want to “knock it out of the park” with personalized accessories and out of the ordinary ideas. This online wedding planner will relieve those pre-event jitters.

Wedding Designers

Bixby + Pine

Bixby and Pine Events
Bixby and Pine Tablescape

Top: Sarah Anne Photography | Bixby + Pine | Pendersen’s Event Rentals – Bottom: Sarah Anne Photography | Bixby + Pine | Robinson Paperie

Bixby + Pine is a Washington design house that pays an inordinate amount of attention to the details. Here, the darker table linen complements the lightness of the seating and the light of the room with elegant grace. It’s so right!

Chancey Charm Wedding Planning & Design 

KVC Photography | Chancey Charm

Chancey Charm Wedding Planning & Design plans events from San Diego to Boston, and everywhere in between. Designs are light and feminine, sometimes a bit unexpected, but always beautiful and the design process is a “shared secret.”


Kehoe Designs

Kehoe Design Events
Kehoe Design Wedding
Kehoe Designs

What can we say about this: Stunning? Oh, yes! Elegant? Absolutely. Breathtakingly Modern, and yet strikingly formal, this is the kind of dream wedding that would fill any bride’s dreams with wonder. But this is for real. 

Southern Affairs

Southern Affairs Event Design

Nicole Colwell Photography | Southern Affairs | Olive Grove Design

Southern Affairs employs a minimalist approach to color, and sometimes that restraint speaks volumes. With a simple, decidedly romantic style, this design firm successfully serves Dallas, Portland and Seattle clients and concentrates on incorporating personal details in every wedding plan. 

A Charming Fête

A Charming Fete Events
A Charming Fete Event Design

Top: Danielle DiBenedetto Photography | A Charming Fete | Molly Taylor and Co. – Right: Lauren Gabrielle Photography | A Charming Fete
Lynch Design | All Occasions Party Rentals

A Charming Fête lives up to a reputation for fun affairs! Color, visual excitement, pattern, contrast, lots of flowers, and layer upon layer of details are what set this wedding designer apart from the crowd. It’s inspiring.

A Savvy Event 

A Savvy Event Design
A Savvy Event Tablescapes
The Edges Wedding Photography | A Savvy Event | Chestnut and Vine

Coordination is key to integrating a natural setting and a special event. A Savvy Event hits the mark every time. The ceremony setting is simply gorgeous: Nature is the background for white floral arrangements and simple chairs. Leaving the table bare is a wonderful way to reinforce the all-white theme, with just a hint of the outdoors. 

I Do

I Do Events

Chris Isham Photography | I Do Events | Mod Fete | Tessa Pinner

White and pale are wondrous together. Less is More. Simple is Spectacular. That’s the way we feel every time we work with I Do. We do want to do it again!

Sara Gillianne Weddings

Sara Gillianne Weddings and Event Planning
Glorious Moments Photography | Sara Gillianne Weddings | Anik Flowers

Creating sumptuous settings no matter what the venue is a specialty of Sara Gillianne Weddings. She remains true to her design philosophy that every event ought to have something to “fancy it up!”


Hot on the Trends

 J. Longmire Weddings & Events

J. Longmire Wedding and Events
Jennefer Wilson Photography | J. Longmire Weddings & Events | Haute Poppies Wedding & Event Florals

Trends may come and go, but count on J. Longmire Weddings & Events to always be up on the latest — right now it may be hanging flowers and balloons. Tomorrow, who knows? A color master, this planner loves monochromatic themes.  

Luxe Productions

Luxe Event Productions
Luxe Productions Event Designs
Luxe Productions Tables
Elena Bazini Photography | Luxe Productions | Ashland Addison Floral Décor

Luxe Productions always mixes color and texture with aplomb, along with some unusual combinations. This year the trendy color is ultraviolet. It’s not your ordinary event, but don’t you love it?


Copy of BBJ - 35 Design Blog (1)
Tiffany Wu Photography | Aquafuzion

Aquafuzion is a floral designer with a talent for creating a wonderland of fantasy floral display. Whether it’s hanging individual blooms from trees or creating a floral Intragrammable wall display, honors go to this master!


Maha Studios | IJORERE | Luxe Urbanista | Avant Gardenia

The floral crown deserves a Wow! But this designer always has fun with color and contrast, with floral displays and textures. The contrasting hues and materials of this tablescape testify to their talent. The total effect is a Wow!

Lola Event Productions


Jennifer Kathryn Photography | Lola Event Productions

Combining exotic colors and weaving a couple’s diverse backgrounds into a cohesive event setting is a specialty of Lola Event Productions. Here it’s the exotic influence of sari silk and Asian details that shine.

Outstanding Occasions

Elyse Hall Photography | Outstanding Occasions | Inspired Environments

Who would combine a cowhide rug, woven peacock chairs, cactus and brilliant tropical flowers and have it all look impressively upscale together? Caitlin Caval, that’s who — and we loved working with her for this Western wedding in Phoenix.


Minimalism to Perfection

 Jessica Dum

Left: Danielle Harris Photography | Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination – Right: James Ivan & Emily Louise Photography
Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination | Isibeal Studio

Sometimes only a hint of what’s to come is enough. Jessica Dum does it perfectly: a simple invitation with a restrained sprig of greenery, or a welcoming glass of rose with a spring of lavender. Do you catch the theme? 

Shelly Sarver

Aly Caroll Photography | Shelly Sarvar Designs

An Iowa designer who takes inspiration from many sources, this designer captures the essence of modern minimalist, but has fun with color and pattern.

Michelle Leo Events

Copy of BBJ - 35 Design Blog
Left: McKenzie Deakins Photography | Michelle Leo Designs | Urban Chateau Florals
Right: Jacque Lynn Photography | Michelle Leo Designs | Urban Chateau Florals

Pops of color distinguish the tablescapes designed by Michelle Leo Events. Whether the surprise is colored stemware or a unique hammered metal charger, it always seems the perfect accompaniment.

Gather Events

Left: Matthew Land Studios | Gather Events | Bleedfoot Florals – Right: Scott Clark Photography | Gather Events | Inessa Nichols Design

Gather Events has an uncanny ability to find unusual items that add just the right element of surprise. Himalayan salt blocks used as table numbers, for instance. Or wooden chargers and place cards with an underlying brown and white color theme for a wedding in Woodinville!

Edelweiss by Lauren Royster

Angela & Evan Photography | Edelweiss Florals

Floral design at the hands of Edelweiss by Lauren Royster is gorgeous. If nature can be improved upon, she will do it! The designs are ethereal, imaginative and absolutely perfect every time.

Becky’s Brides

Eric & Jamie Photography | Becky’s Brides

Once again, Becky’s Brides demonstrates that impeccable design can be brilliantly understated. Hanging tulips prove it, along with the simplicity of a single repeating accent color throughout.

Style Authorities

Stephanie Bradshaw

Rachel Cooper Photography | Stephanie Bradshaw

Stephanie Bradshaw employs a modern aesthetic to make her designs flow effortlessly. And she concentrates on the details — from balloon art to specialty cocktails. They “make” the design, she insists.

The Busy Bee Events & Design

Top: Josh & Rachel Photography | The Busy Bee Events and Designs – Bottom Left: Catherine Ann Photography | The Busy Bee Events and Designs | Branch Design Studio – Bottom Right: Kathy Thomas Photography | The Busy Bee Events and Designs | Raining Roses Productions 

From the planning board to the final effect; it’s all a part of the creative experience with The Busy Bee. And the experience couldn’t be better!

Creative Concepts by Lisa

Top: Timothy Burke Mannle Photography |Creative Concepts by Lisa | Carrie Wilcox Floral Design
Bottom Right: 
Brooke Allison Photography | Creative Concepts by Lisa

Whether an event is indoors or out, Creative Concepts by Lisa is all about customization, and attending to the personal desires of clients. The common theme is perfection!

Memorable Corporate Events

Diamond Affairs

Kiss Me for Eternity Photography | Diamond Affairs | Three Branches Floral

While every designer loves a wedding, corporate events can be just as challenging — and just as much fun! Diamond Affairs took the lead for our Dallas Supper Club event and rocked the scene by transforming an industrial space into a stunning event. What a transformation it was, with the blues reflecting a lakeside ambience — energizing, warm and wonderful.

Dynamic Events by David Caruso

Couple Cups Photography | Dynamic Events by David Caruso | Flowers by Heidi

Two very different vibes; one immensely talented designer. This is the kind of ingenuity and individualized design we love to partner up with. From sandy shores to lush green lawn, David Caruso is the absolute definition of greatness.

Organized Occasions

Kristen Alexander Photography | Organized Occasions | Amanda Jewel Floral Design

Their name may express it all. Organized Occasions integrates all aspects of a special event in a wonderful way: Minimal style and a totally unique interpretation of floral design combine to produce interactive design that is delightfully fresh and appropriate for corporate events.


Left: Kent Drake Morien Photography | HMR Designs – Right: Cindy Fandl Photography | HMR Designs | Frost Chicago

Whoa! This is over-the-top design that leaves no aspect untouched and no element to chance. It’s the total picture!

These are our 35 picks — We can’t wait to see what the next 35 years will bring!