June, 29, 2017

3 Midsummer Modern Looks

Sometimes modern is a feeling as much as a visual expression. At other times, it is simplicity personified, or the unexpected juxtaposition of the familiar and funky, of trendy and homey, of old and new.

Here are three interpretations of “modern,” each with a unique personality, proving that “doing it your way” is absolutely the right way!

Each of these modern settings marches to a different beat, but there is no denying that they all are perfectly expressed.

1. Exceedingly Trendy with Unexpected Touches

Chocolate Dessert Buffet | BBJ Linen

A chocolate dessert buffet set on dusky charcoal service plates contrasts with pristine gray linen to showcase every delicious morsel. Golden garlands call attention to the beautifully simple pair of tiered cakes.

Simple white blooms, chocolate candles, unmatched containers, and a neutral table runner — any more would be superfluous!

Neutral Table Runner | BBJ Linen

2. Dramatic Color Mix

Purple Event Table | BBJ Linen

The table setting is spare and restrained, but the colors give a vibrant and contemporary vibe that has the freshness of spring. Deep plum napkins and glassware contrast with the pale blush table runner, bringing life to the grainy wood surface.

Simple grey-green retro design chairs complement the interesting tones of the fresh floral display, with the added punch of green, gold and pink.

Plum Napkins | BBJ Linen

Dark slate offers a sleek surface for an inventive hors d’oeuvres display, highlighted by plum-colored leaves and unique servers. What could be more dramatic?

Hors D'oeuvres | BBJ Linen

Patterned white china, topped by a unique menu card, represents the modern design element on this uncovered expanse of interesting wood grain. It’s uniquely effective, adding a modern vibe.


3. Not Your Normal Traditional

Layering Elements | BBJ Linen

While there’s tone-on-tone pattern in the linen, and the sparkling settings offer an ornate touch, this setting speaks a contemporary language. Colors are subdued, but very trendy, and the layering of elements is done with a deft hand.

By incorporating design elements from various eras and traditions, the designer of this captures the spirit of time travel — now that’s a modern concept!

Modern Tablescape | BBJ Linen

Subtle pattern paves the way for a riotous display of varied elements. White napkins show off patterned glass chargers, allowing the gold and white china pattern to shine. Ornate flatware is truly sensational, while all else is understated.

Simple Colors | BBJ Linen

Simple faceted white and silver vases hold white floral arrangement. The only color allowed is in the greenery. Isn’t it perfect?


Design 1: Debi Lilly of A Perfect Event | Thayer Allyson Gowdy | Jacques Torres Chocolates | One Girl Cookies | Slyvia Weinstock Cakes

Design 2: Mary Rafferty Photo | Big Delicious Planet

Design 3: Spoon Photo & Design | Debi Lilly of A Perfect Event