October, 24, 2019

21 Unique Fall Wedding Tables

Wedding ceremonies and receptions should always be geared toward telling “the story” of the bride and groom, and this fall there are many ways to write those individual chapters. Some are classic, while others are trendy, but all are individual and totally appropriate for the season and the love stories that they celebrate.

Here are some of our favorites, compiled into an album that is designed to inspire and help you write your personal story any way you choose.

1. The Charmingly Rustic Table

01-charming-rustic-table.png02-charmingly-rustic-table.pngAura Elizabeth Photography

Against a background of aged brick, the fresh appeal of this supremely simple blue and cream banquet table shines with a flair that is sure to make the wedding reception enjoyable and memorable. Wood chargers and unadorned white china complement wooden chairs, mismatched vintage glassware, brass candlesticks and pale garden blooms.

2. A Table with Sophisticated Sparkle

03-sophisticated-sparkle.pngA Joyous Moment Photography | Event Planning & Design by Creative Concepts by Lisa

Garlands of greenery highlight this pristine white setting that is all aglow with the sparkle of sequined linen and candlelight. It’s a simple way to add elegance to an outdoor space and make it feel extra special. Greenery and natural hues with a touch of sparkle make for a truly sophisticated look.

3. Colorful Fall Wedding Table

04-colorful-fall-wedding-table.pngDrew Bird Photo | Berkeley City Club | A Monique Affair

Although midnight blue and an undulating linen pattern might not be typical fall choices, they add an earthy flavor to this setting. Enhanced by gold-rimmed china and crystal, exotic brass servers and table decorations, and a dash of contemporary style, the soft gold napkins are perfect played against navy and gold menu cards and wedding stationery.


4. Formal Beachside Wedding Table

05-formal-beachside-wedding-table.pngBrooke Price Photography | Coco Luna Events

Guests may dip their toes in the sand, but this wedding table is anything but casual. Muted teal velvet grounds the centerpiece cascade of dramatic blooms and greenery. Lacy golden mats anchor each place setting. The effect, with a daring mix of black, white, burgundy and gold, is magical! Note the feather!

5. Bare Wood & Natural Table

06-bare-wood-table.png07-bare-wood-table.pngBetter To Gather Events 

With just a hint of tropical citrus in the sheer lime table runners, this wedding table relies on neutral tones and natural elements for its immensely comfortable presentation. Peeled paint chairs balance the expanse of polished wood floors and table, and a bit of sparkle enhances the celebratory mood. Bare trees and white flowers add spare elegance.

6. Clearly Elegant Fall Wedding Table

08-elegant-fall-table.pngKelly Strong Events | Jasmine Nicole Photo | CHEZ | Cornell Florist

There’s no distracting note here: Muted blue linen skirts the long tables with all the traditional flair of a formal morning wedding. The surprise of clear acrylic seating, and the perfection of sheer white cascading table runners, dove grey napkins and beautiful coordinated floral centerpieces scores rave reviews.

7. Traditional Wedding Table with a Twist

09-traditional-wedding-table.png10-traditional-wedding-table.pngClover Events | Emilia Jane Photography | Platinum Events | Chicago History Museum

Noticeably restrained, this table setting could be from a century ago, but it’s also attuned to modern sensibilities. Gold banded china set atop golden chargers, clear crystal in timeless shapes, golden flatware and lush greenery with white blooms top a brilliantly unique linen design. Each place is highlighted by a nubby golden textured napkin.


8. Barn Wedding Table

11-barn-wedding-table.pngSalvatone Cincotta Photography

Barn weddings may be all the rage this fall — but you can certainly add a dose of glamor to the country-inspired theme! Here’s just one way to do it right. Keep the table bare, but run a sequin-studded table runner down the center. Highlight each place with a copper charger, and top off the setting with an ivory and taupe homespun linen napkin in a distinctive pattern. Simple floral decorations complete the look.

9. Rustic Fall Wedding Table

12-rustic-fall-wedding-table.pngMackenzie Keough Photography | Better to Gather | Macs Floral | Two Moon Park

Fall is the time for unusual color combinations, natural accessories and comfortable surroundings. This wedding reception captures the feeling perfectly. The interplay of dusky rose and grey, brick and firewood, filmy drapes and overstuffed seating — what could be better for a unique reception? Accents of teal and pale aqua add a bit of color to the white and green floral display, while off-white napkins and pottery complete the scene.

10. Tone-on-Tone Wedding Chic Table

13-wedding-chic-table.pngAriel Perry | Style Perfect Events | From This Day Forward | Historic Salisbury Train Depot

Capture the height of simplicity with a classically-styled presentation for a round table setting. The tasteful layering of white on white linen is European in character, and oh-so-stylish for a formal dinner. Here, the design is sparked by the bold choice of trendy copper-toned flatware, played off against both grey and gold & white china. It proves that there’s always a place for ingenuity in design!

11. Garden-Inspired Table

14-garden-inspired-table.pngMint and Lovely Studios | Ebb & Flow | Shaunae Teske

For a wedding reception that is as delightful as a private garden, this table, set against the surprise of a ripe peach window frame, features a melding of simple clay pots, humble grasses and simple blooms, and the classic forms of brass candlesticks with burnished flatware and chargers. The soft ivory glow of the table linen topped with a white runner; and the nubby navy napkin tied with a simple white bow both reinforce the tones of berries and blooms in the centerpieces.

12. Fall Wedding Reception with a Jolt of Color

15-fall-wedding-reception.png16-fall-wedding-reception.pngJoseph Mark Photography | 21 Parc | StarDust Celebrations

The arrival of autumn, with its cooler temperatures and crisp air, usually brings with it a desire for more intense colors, more texture, and more flavorful food. It’s an energizing time to sample outdoor delights and enjoy nature’s bounty. This room does it in grand style! Towering floral centerpieces speak powerfully atop tables clothed in luxurious neutral linen. The claret tone of napkins and flowers provides a fabulous contrast with the overall softness of white drapes and simple settings, and the colorful display of cakes on a table dressed in yet another contrasting color is an inspired choice.

13. Simplistic Wedding Fall Table

17-simplistic-wedding-table.pngAnna Peters Photography | Simply by Tamara Nicole | Gather Design Company

Minimalist decor is once again in vogue for homes — why not for a wedding reception? This slightly surprising table presentation relies on a monochromatic grouping of flowers into a dazzling display that speaks the softer tones of fall in a very romantic manner. The surprise comes in the form of black candles, and the contrast of black flatware with geometric white china and “barely there” crystal. There’s a calming, Zen-like aura, accentuated by pale gold napkins at each place, and single flowers parading along the table.

14. Rustic Table Setting, Modern Expression

18-rustic-table-setting.png19-rustic-table-setting.png20-rustic-table-setting.pngJune and Jae Photogrpahy | Mike & Lovely

High energy, full of contrasts, and extremely innovative, this wedding reception setting brings together bold black and white, pale natural wood, black candles, and the gleam of silver in a sumptuous textured linen table drape. The floral centerpiece is correspondingly unique and dramatic. Each place setting is a burst of contrasting pattern sparked by the retro homespun feel of the graphic napkins and a sweet tasseled napkin ring. Weathered wood and rusty metal girders of the covered bridge are definitely a surprise, but how wonderful it all looks!


15. A Darkly Beautiful Wedding Table

21-dark-wedding-table.png22-dark-wedding-table.pngMade to be Mine | Field & Florist | Nimble Well

Plum, dusky rose, violet, pinky-white and grey may not be the colors that come immediately to mind when you think of fall, but this uniquely beautiful reception table demonstrates that going against the norm is sometimes the only way to go. In a room with a slightly dark and moody aura, holding to that aesthetic certainly produced a smart result. The background linen is smartly elegant, highlighted by mismatched goblets, ornate faceted chargers, and brilliant violet napkins. The floral centerpieces accentuate the scheme, and soften the effect.

16. Spectacular Table for a Wedding Reception on the Patio

23-patio-wedding-reception.png24-patio-wedding-reception.pngVitae Weddings | Details Event Planning

If you don’t want to compete with the beauty of the great outdoors, keeping table settings simple doesn’t have to mean boring. The backdrop of the lodge itself, the blue sky above, and the sea of identically dressed tables surrounded by simple wood chairs is intensely appropriate for an elegant nuptial celebration. The color is provided by the building’s stonework and trim color, and the floral centerpieces look as if they were picked only minutes before. Off white linen and simple place settings are all that’s needed!

17. Outdoor Wedding Table with Country Charm

25-outdoor-wedding-table.png26-outdoor-wedding-table.pngMarni Pictures | Ooh Events

Set in a field with a view of pasture and grazing animals, this is no ordinary wedding reception venue. The color scheme, although not taken strictly from the surroundings, complements the outdoor scene, bringing to life a theme that is all about individuality. The center of the table features greenery “harvested” from the land, along with ripe and ripening pears that reflect the colors of the fields. Pale grape linen stretches across the table to underscore contemporary graphic dinnerware, sparkling clear crystal and shiny silver. With napkins the color of the morning sky, this reception is unusually appealing! The fall reminds us of the great outdoors, changing colors and temperatures. An outdoor wedding set on the backdrop of nature can have a subtle yet elegant and romantic effect. This table setting embraces its outdoor setting and is enhanced with plush, velvet table linen, abundant greenery and pears. The clear crystal and ghost chairs allow for nature’s views to be front and center.

18. Outdoor Fall Wedding Delight

27-outdoor-fall-wedding.pngAbbie O Events | Mariel & Joey Photography

Because the pattern of the linen in some ways mimics the look of the flagstone pattern, it accentuates the natural charm of the setting. Everything about this table is expertly coordinated, executed with a practiced, seemingly unstudied, expertise. Copper charger plates, elegant china with gold accents, and green glassware — it’s all a delight, including the menu cards color-coordinated to the tablecloth.


19. Vintage Reception Table with Modern Verve

28-vintage-reception-table.png29-vintage-reception-table.pngColleen Miller Events | Festival Fare Rentals | Ms Events | Meg Runion Studios

The full blossoms look as if they were picked from a Victorian garden, and the stately black chairs are modern vintage design. But there’s nothing stodgy about this reception — neither the architecture, the sleek over-the-table modern lighting, nor the mix of table decor and linen that makes it so special. Stately gold-banded goblets complement classic white china, but black goblets pair with the style of black chargers. An emerald velvet table runner spices simple neutral linen, just for fun!

20. Opulent Fabrics, Rich Hues and Vibrant Greens

30-opulent-fabrics.png31-opulent-fabrics.pngA Perfect Event | Spoon Photo & Design

This vibrant reception theme is as exciting as a sailboat race. The table is set with watery blues and aqua tones, and highlighted by vivid greens that do nothing but signal good times to be had by all. The soft plush pattern of velvet, the aqua napkins and floral china in blues are uniquely elegant and eye-catching.

21. Vintage Wedding Ideas for Fall into Winter

32-winter-vintage-wedding.png33-winter-vintage-wedding.pngAlexan Events

Sparkling and bejeweled. Gold and Silver, elegant and exotic. Black and white. Pattern layered on pattern. Metallic shine and the glow of natural wood. Bright red personalized apples displayed in tandem with plum-colored antique glassware. The unexpected mix of black pillar candles on wooden stands and slender tapers in silver holders. If this isn’t a distinctive wedding table designed to make a reception special, nothing would be! Creamy white napkins emphasize the enchanting mix of white roses with vibrant darker flowers and berries.

Seasonal Perfection

Fall is a great time for outdoor celebrations, but if your wedding dreams (or your location) call for an indoor venue, don’t think you are limited to greens and natural themes for your ceremony or your reception. Be “adventurous” in a unique way, and select the colors, accessories, flowers and themes that add meaning to your love and tell your “story” in a way that will resonate with your guests and produce a lifetime of memories. BBJ Linen offers options to help you — no matter where your vision takes you!