April, 25, 2015

10 Ways to Use Peridot at Your Next Event

Spring is coming, and with it hues of greens, browns and more neutrals. Fresh blooming flowers and green grass are the inspiration for this month’s gemstone spotlight: Peridot. Peridot’s gorgeous shade of earthy green is perfect for a variety of different themed events, whether you’re hosting a garden Easter party, a beautiful formal wedding, or anything else. Check out our tips for 10 different ways to use this amazing color at your next event.

1) Incorporate this apple green into the centerpieces.

Peridot is reminiscent of Granny Smith apples, so if you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate the color into your tables’ centerpieces, consider using peridot-colored candles or putting actual Granny Smith apples into transparent cylinders or jars and place them as centerpieces. If you like the apple idea but don’t want to use it as a centerpiece, you can put one or two apples in a mason jar and use them as placecards for letting your guests know where to sit. Then, they double as a favor!

2) Use peridot table linens

If you’d prefer to have peridot the center of attention, use beautiful peridot linen and accessories. BBJ’s new linen, Bimini, is the perfect hue of peridot for your event, and also features a muted blue shade, perfect for accenting the green and easily paired with other great shades, like gold dishes.
Peridot linen and accessories

3) Plan for a lot of plants!

Peridot, with its fresh green hue, makes it easy to add in fresh cut flowers or plants at your event while staying on theme. Choose white complementary flowers and let the green stems shine, or choose leafier blooms to really draw attention to the color.

4) Get a skilled baker to make your wedding cake with shades of peridot.

Wedding cakes or tiered event cakes are perfect for incorporating different shades of the same color. Tell your baker that you want to make peridot the star of the show—they should be able to dream up something beautiful, like an ombre cake with each tier featuring a different shade of peridot—from light to dark, for instance.

5) Feature a peridot-colored cocktail

Serve green tea margaritas or Midori sours for a fun twist on these drinks that uses your theme color. Green tea margaritas are made with orange flavored tequila such as Patron Citronge, green tea liqueur, and sour mix, while Midori sours feature Midori melon flavored liqueur, sour mix, and lemon-lime soda such as Sprite, topped off with a maraschino cherry for contrast.

6) For a virgin option, serve limeade or a kiwi-cooler.

Mix fresh lime juice with slices of cucumber and sparkling water, or make limeade to satisfy guests who do not want to drink alcoholic beverages. Kiwi-flavored drinks are also a fun way to add peridot to your food and drink menu. If there are kids at the event, you can even hunt down Hi-C’s original “Ecto Cooler,” which featured a lively green hue.

7) Set up an olive bar with a Mediterranean feast.

Though not all olives are green, if you’re serving Mediterranean food at your event, you can also include an olive bar with a few different types of olives, including standard green olives, Castelvetrano olives, and more.

8) Use peridot-colored dishes or green-tinted glassware.

You can use either peridot-colored dishes or charger plates to amp up the use of green at your event, or you can find peridot-tinted glassware that brings to mind what sea glass looks like. Perfect for using as water glasses, green glass won’t mar the look of the drink if it’s clear. If you don’t want to use green plates but still want peridot heavily featured on your event’s tables, use peridot charger plates and crisp white dishes to contrast.

Use green tinted glassware to add more green to your table decor

9) For favors, pack up green tinted macarons or meringues in green boxes

Make the event extra sweet for your guests and send them home with peridot-tinted treats. Bake up some macarons or meringues with a hint of green food coloring in the batter and they’ll remember your event every time they have a snack.

10) Use peridot linen accessories to make the color pop.

Use plain white or ecru linen as the base color for your event tables, then complement them with peridot colored napkins, chair covers, or chair ties. The neutral linen base will help the green accessories truly shine.