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108” x 156” – Charmed Taupe Table Linen

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Snake skin is one of those fads that never goes out of style. Our Charmed line has taken a page out of glamour and made a fashionable statement (with a subtle look of Houndstooth), and it is ready for your next event. The pattern can be a subtle play on texture with the luxurious feel, or you can play it up and have an enchanting animal themed celebration that will have them asking who planned your party. The Taupe Charmed is a magnificent combination of a soft, creamy ivory and a warm grayish-brown taupe, with a sheen that will capture any lighting to give it an evening glow. Mix it with your favorite color from the jungle, and see all the fun you can have with this animal chic. Do not be afraid of this snake and be “Snap Snap” FABULOUS!